Our History


Hi! If you are here, it’s probably because you want to know more about our store or maybe because you need help to make the difficult decision about buying or not buying with us. Well, let us tell you our history :)
A few years ago, when we first met, we knew we were born to be together, and it was wonderful when we finally decided to get married.
However, when we started living under the same roof, we went through difficult times because our jobs were absorbing the most of our time, that was when we made a decision, a decision that would change our lives.
In those days, we spent a lot of time surfing the internet, looking for ways to spend more time together and it was in that search that we realized that most of the websites and e-commerce shops visited seemed to be driven by machines! Nobody answered comments, questions, feedback... in fact, only a few were friendly! Most of them focused so much on selling that they forgot to make for the customers a pleasant, unique & unsurpassed experience. It seemed that we were just another number on that website.
It was then that we had the wonderful idea of creating our own website about something that we were passionate about, and that way, we could leave our heart and essence to achive something new and different. 
We believe that accessories that you choose are very important as they can dramatically improve your outfit, you can give a casual, urban, punk (or any other style that you love) touch to your outfit. What better way to express your style and beliefs than with a small piece of jewelry designed just for you? 
That being said, we have for you simple and stylish high quality jewelry that you can wear every day and all of our products are lead and niquel free!
 We are inspired by what we want to receive, we are real people interested in your satisfaction. We want you to feel our passion!
We love what we do and we really hope you can feel it while you read. We are together now... and by the way... we’re very happy! :)
This is our history, this is your store and we are here to serve you, please give us a chance to show you that you can trust us!
¡Welcome to your store!