The Chinese Abacus yellow gold plated Necklace
The Chinese Abacus 316L Stainless Steel Necklace

The Chinese Abacus Necklace

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The Chinese Abacus is closely associated with money and prosperity, so in time the Chinese abacus became a popular feng shui cure for wealth.

The Abacus is being used by many people like you, in hope of getting more money, so to wear a small abacus as a necklace, for example, is thought to attract more money.

And if your Chinese abacus is a small pendand... Just wear it with you! 

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Here are four reasons why you should buy with us:
  • Pendant Size: 4.2cm
  • Material: Yellow gold plated and 316L Stainless Steel which never fades.
  • Length Of Chain: 50cm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Color: Gold/Silver

Note: Please allow up to 20 days for delivery.